I'm a self taught web-designer and all-round creative.
I enjoy learning new technologies and am passionate about the exciting possibilities they can enable for individuals and organisations. I enjoy the customisability of design using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, and developing Front-End User-Interface solutions with Javascript, jQuery, and AngularJS. I've recently gained my Front End Development Certificate from, I've included the projects set by them below as examples of my work.
I've always excelled at the visual arts and from an early age was an avid comic-book fan, learning to draw and copy character designs from some of the revolutionary British artists of the late seventies and throughout the eighties from the pages of 2000ad.

Career-wise my background has primarily been the Investment Banking sector, having worked in the City of London for over 10 years in various desktop-support-roles. I've enjoyed working in large teams and have got on well with colleagues, many of whom I remain in touch with.

I am also an enthusiastic musician, singer-songwriter and composer using Ableton to produce my own music (a snippet of which can be heard below, though I generally just stick to acoustic stuff now). I regularly play the openmic circuit in and around Brighton where I now live, and occasionally back in London.


Examples of work completed on freeCodeCamp's Front End Development course..